Pat Brown, LSW, CIP, CAI



J Patrick Brown, LSW, CIP, CAI is a PA Licensed Social Worker and a PA State Certified Interventionist for substance abuse who provides counseling services in the greater Philadelphia area.  As an Interventionist at Recovery Centers of America and previously Vice President of Malvern Institute, Pat has built relationships and studied with several predominant mental health professionals and facilities throughout the region.  Passionate about recovery, Pat Brown specializes in addiction counseling and providing support to families who seek to initiate conversations with loved ones through intervention services.  Graduating summa cum laude from Cabrini University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and from Widener University with a Master’s in Social Work, Pat pursues continuing education in order to stay abreast of the continually evolving research in the field of mental health treatment.  Pat teaches "Rethinking Addiction," a social justice course at Cabrini University and regularly volunteers as a guest lecturer for Widener University's Master's of Social Work Program to share his clinical experience with students.  Pat works tirelessly with individuals and families to create change, whether it be repairing a relationship, strengthening communication within a family, helping individuals to establish boundaries, or fostering healthy life decisions.


J Patrick Brown, LSW, CIP, CAI